Thursday, April 10, 2014

10 on 10 April

I took pictures today, but they were not every hour.  

I hope you enjoy.

There is a smile behind there.

I got Ben's birthday party spot reserved, the lady at the play place did not speak or understand any English.  We got everything worked out and I am looking forward to celebrating our big man.

On our way home for lunch with Daddy, can you see the sword sticking out at Garrett's hip?

I love this, so much of Paris is in bloom right now.

and this.

Our sweet little Malachi

This house is just around the corner from us, they have a couple of ducks that live in their yard.  Occasionally I will see bags of old baguette hanging from their gate.

Another yard I walk by on my way to the bus stop.

My favorite view of the Eiffel Tower, this photo (and many like it) was taken through a broken gate.  I wonder what the owners of the house must think.  I will be so sad if they ever decide to fix their gate.

chien m├ęchant = nasty dog according to

Blue, our fish, got some clean water. 

Thanks to a family moving away we are the proud new owners of a grill.  We are all so excited about our 'new to us' grill.

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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Spring is Here

Paris in the spring time is magical.  I love all of the beautiful flowers and trees that are blooming.  Here are a couple of tulips from our yard.

Inside I have a few new finds displayed.   Easter is almost here. 

I love the red and green combo on this candelabra.  I found this, the trivet and the bunny this past weekend at a local brocante.

My black hutch from Norway is the new home of my globe collection. 

My spring mantel. I made the banner from material scraps, the blue shutters have been with me since Texas and the brown doors are from a used furniture store here in Paris.  The painting was a second hand find at my Sunday morning store.

My transfer ware collection on my newest piece of furniture, I have had so much fun searching for treasures here.

This arrangement is in our entry way.  The Esso sign and the Rue de la Republique were finds from the Foire du Chatou, the red Paris piece is actually a bag I found near Sacre Couer.  The frame is from Emmaus, my favorite thrift store.  This was not what I had planned for any of these pieces, but once I got them all home I realized I loved how they worked together.  

Here is my littlest cutie, he is growing and blossoming just like the flowers outside.  He is such a joy!

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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A Walk in the Park

This Sunday we were able to get out of the house and go for a family walk/scooter/bike ride.  
Things are definitely looking like spring around here, this is a small spot in our yard.  I love seeing all of the flowers blooming, and I am so proud of the boys for not picking them.

Malachi and I walked, and this is how the rest of the boys got there.  Yes, Jon has his own scooter, it is the only way he can keep up with the rest of our crew.

On the way to the park I saw children playing in an alley,

flowers peaking out from behind rusty fences, 

beautiful trees.

and old buildings.

One of my favorite things about France is how they take great pride in their landscaping.  These small medians are changed out regularly with new flowers and they are always gorgeous.

Another action shot of my boys, I'm not sure who is having more fun here.

More beautiful flowers.

Finally at the park and the kids were having so much fun with Daddy.

Ben was trying to hide from the 'Monster'.

The rest of the park and playground were packed with people.  You can really see the French en masse when the weather starts to get nice.  It was so much fun people watching here.

After a little play we continued on our walk and visited the ducks.

The peacock was showing off for us.

The kids love to stop and climb in this tree.

The boys want to do everything Addie does.

I can't believe how big she is getting.  Less than a month until my big girl is 7!

This crazy boy is too much fun.

Have I ever mentioned that Jon is the best Dad ever?  He is carrying not one, but 2 scooters.

More flowers.

Garrett got tired so Daddy gave him a ride.

Love it!

Addie was making a friend, in French!

I love watching Garrett on his scooter, he scares me, but that is why he wears a helmet.

I love all the flowers right now, but the best part is, it is going to get better. 

A building in our neighborhood.

Headed home.

The colors are just so gorgeous and they are everyone right now.

I hope you enjoyed a walk in the park with me!